Our pride grew for Briggs’ throughout his first season of tackle football.  He put a great deal of effort into this commitment, didn’t complain too much about practice, and learned to appreciate the importance of teamwork.  It also didn’t hurt that he made the winning play in the playoff game by intercepting a key pass to win the game in sudden death. (Don’t I sound like I know football lingo?  It is amazing to me that I was a high school football cheerleader for four years and have so little knowledge about the game.  I guess I was watching ‘other things’ on the field!)

Anyway…Briggs had about the coolest experience I can think of for an eight-year old boy. In fact, it was a cool experience for all of us. My respect for the Colts organization has increased significantly considering they allow these young boys to play their Superbowl in their practice stadium. On Saturday the Eagles went head-to-head with the Packers in a fantastically matched game. Despite the Eagles’ game loss, it was a giant WIN on experience. I don’t believe it will ever be something they forget.

Someone said to me this week, “Well you are half way through with him.”  I didn’t know what they meant until they explained that he will be gone in nine more years.  He is becoming a young man before our eyes.  And he will forever be my little buddy!

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  1. Helena Says:

    Congratulations Briggs! It was so much fun watching the game.


  2. Stacy the Great Says:

    I am selfishly grateful for football practice! If it wasn’t for Briggs I wouldn’t know Wrigley. THANK YOU Briggs – YOU brought love, joy and happiness to my life. Oh yeah – and you look awful handsome in uniform.

  3. Dan Gietl Says:

    Briggs – Congratulations on a great season! I really enjoyed having you on the team and hope you had fun and learned a little along the way.

    I hope you play again next season!

    “Coach” Dan

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