about us

This blog is about the Stoner Six…little slivers of our life that sometimes bring us great laughter, grand joy, and even deep frustration. We are brutally honest, but above all, grateful for all that we have. We seek to find a little humor in each day, in each crazy temper-tantrum and dramatic, toddler breakdown.

To get a quick glimpse at our recently released book, please visit FAMILYPRINT:  One Family’s Unique Reflection During War.

It contains the experiences and communication we used during Tim’s deployment to: stay in touch, dispel our fears, display our love and articulate the gratitude we have for all of those that supported us.  It also includes a stunning collection of images taken by Nathan Rowe in a 250-page coffee-table book. 

FamilyPrint is a nonprofit organization assisting the families of veterans deployed overseas. Striving to support both the soldier in harm’s way as well as the family here at home, FamilyPrint offers programs that assist with the outbound and inbound transition of the soldier, childcare support during deployment, financial assistance for families in need and care items for deployed soldiers.